My work usually consists of multiple mediums, layers and techniques such as acrylic, water soluble media, collage, ink, found objects, text and more. Similarly the subject matter I tend to be fascinated and inspired by is diverse; quantum mechanics, ecology, mysticism, neurobiology, outer space, cultural narratives, social and political issues to name a few. My work highlights the patterns, textures and interconnections to be found at the intersection of these interests and tends to be colorful and based in the framework of a story or a question.

I truly enjoy making visually apparent, seemingly disparate, sometimes fantastical and usually educational interconnections and relationships for the viewer. I strive to do this by attempting to create an aesthetic portal through which the viewer is invited to take a journey. Open story lines beseech further exploration in a manner that inspires and provokes self and cultural reflection, awe, learning and possibly laughter.

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