The Big Five Hundred Portland Art Show








On Sunday evening I turned in five small 8×8 pieces for The Portland Big 500 Show.  I am so excited to be a part of this show during this year’s holiday season!  This year is the show’s 10th year running and it has become a Portland art community tradition.  It is also a benefit for The Oregon Food Bank.  For that reason and for that of making local art affordable and accessible to everyone I am proud to be a part of this show.  There will be over 500 local artists each with 5-10 pieces all sized 8×8 and $40!  No more excuses to get local art for those on your holiday gift list.

Finally I’m super excited to finish these pieces because I have basically been artistically hibernating for almost three years!  During that time I have been creative and grown in other ways.  I’ve had two daughters whom are 20 months apart and they have consumed my life as I’ve grown into the SAHMA role or (stay at home mama and artist).  Haha I’ve managed to nurture them and keep them alive and now it is time to start getting back to my art whenever I can!  Now that my second daughter Zorielle is 14 months old and my oldest is almost 3 it feels a little more possible.  Wish me luck and come out to The Big 500 and buy some awesome local art.  The show runs from December 9th to the 24th at The Pioneer Place Mall, downtown Portland, 700 SW 5th Second Floor Atrium M-SA 10-8 SU 10-5

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Welcome Litha

Welcome Summer! My daughter Zeyana and I decided to honor Litha or Summer Solstice and the wheel of the year by collecting a colorful assortment of blooms from our gardens and making a little mandala. It is imperfect like our lives but beautiful and sacred like our love for mother nature and for our friends and family. We are choosing to set the intention of softening our edges, inviting more joy into our lives and embracing LOVE.

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Finished Gravity Kachina

Today I finished the ‘Gravity’ Kachina…Did you know that the odds that gravity exists in the perfect strength that it does are infinitesimal?  If gravity was even a little bit stronger nothing would exist as we know it.  Space and time depend on the gravitational field as does our very physical existence.  For me gravity is an amazing force of love holding us together so that we may love one another on this physical plane.  This is why I chose to depict the embodiment of the energy of gravity as a nurturing goddess like female kachina with voluptuous breasts and hips.  Enjoy!

Gravity Kachina

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Lotussoul Studios Painting Hanging at a pub Colbert Show Gives a Finger Wag to

I have a painting (‘The Flock and the Messenger’ seen below video) hanging at the Oregon Public House pub here in NE Portland, Oregon.  It is a really nice one of a kind nonprofit pub and restaurant where the profits go towards charity.  The patron gets to select where their money goes from a list of charities associated with the Pub.   So you can drink beer, eat dinner and feel charitable and good about every bit of it.  I thought this was an awesome idea, and so apparently did Colbert 🙂  Here you can see a video clip from the Colbert show where he talks about the Oregon Public House:—drunk-donating—-the-job–reality-show

I’m happy to have a painting hanging at such a unique and cool establishment.
The Flock and the MessengerMixed Media/Watercolor/Paint Pen/Ink/Tape18x242013

The Flock and the Messenger
Mixed Media/Watercolor/Paint Pen/Ink/Tape

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Sneak Peek

Working on a mixed media painting with fun neon colors.  Here is a sneak peek with pics of the last three stages or painting sessions, more to go, hope to finish by week’s end…Can you guess what some of the subject matter is?

20140728_172749 20140801_175640 20140807_174209

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