About Zeratha Lotussoul


As an artist, teacher, herbalist, permaculturist, mother and gardener I am constantly inspired by the natural and social beauty of my home place in Portland, O.R.  I live in the SE with my husband, two daughters, plant family, two ridiculously cute Frenchbo dogs and three super cuddly Himalayan kitties.  Some of my inspirations are social/political/environmental issues, tentacles and creatures of all sorts, the cosmos, outer space, mandalas, stories and cultural narratives, the Tarot, plants, traveling, music, physics and the mystical.

I started my artistic journey as a young child and have never stopped journeying down the winding path of creativity.  I began my college years majoring in fine art with minors in Eastern philosophy and cultural anthropology.  However I became frustrated over the years with the traditional standard approach to teaching fine art.  I wanted to do my own thing and felt constrained and impatient.  I changed my major and continued doing art on my own time.  My graduate studies still had an art focus but morphed into interdisciplinary studies which combined sustainability, ecological and participatory art and whole systems design.

Although I now have an MA in Social Innovation and Sustainability I have chosen to work full time as a fine artist and now, mother of what will soon be two daughters.  I participate in frequent group shows in Portland.  I plan on continuing to expand my artistic career while giving back to the community, strengthening connection and participation in the Portland art scene and tending my family.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you at a show soon!

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